Sponsored Activities

Academic Events

Hill Lecture: The Hill Lecture is an annual event in the Duke Chemistry department which is organized and enacted by GCC. Many distinguished speakers have journeyed to Durham to speak to the department about their fascinating science in memory of Dr. Douglas Hill. In 2016, Nobel Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart addressed the department in a talk on mechanochemistry and offered some insights on being knighted.
Graduate Research Symposium: GCC organizes an annual all-day symposium during the Fall semester as an opportunity for students to showcase their research to faculty and peers. The day consists of research talks by graduate students from both primary and secondary faculty as well as a poster session to allow for more dynamic and engaging conversation.
Chemical Heritage Foundation Partnership: GCC has teamed up with the Chemical Heritage Foundation to connect graduate students in the triangle with chemists working in RTP. The first event was held in 2011 and consisted of a panel discussion with local chemists followed by a social hour in FFSC. In April 2012, Dr. Tom Tritton, President and CEO of CHF, gave a talk on “The Story of Chemistry” followed by a reception at RTP Headquarters. Students from Duke, NCSU, UNC, and Elon as well as CHF patrons and RTP chemists attended this event and had a fun time hearing (and debating) Dr. Tritton’s “Top Ten” chemists of the last two centuries. CHF also has an array of ongoing events geared towards chemists of all ages. Learn more by visiting their site HERE.
L to R: Rudy Pariser, Michelle Garnsey and Jason King

Social Events

GCC is not only here to help you academically; after all, grad school should also be fun every once in awhile, right? Each year GCC strives to build a strong social community within the Chemistry department through an ongoing series of fun events.
Periodic Coffee: Start and end the week with a fresh cup of Periodic Coffee, served every Monday and Friday from 9:00-10:00 AM in the Graduate Student Lounge (FFSC 1234). We are brewing coffee and offering a free doughnut or bagel (depending on the selection for the day) with the purchase of a regular beverage for $1.  So come on by and start your Mondays and Fridays for a hot drink, some pastries, and conversation outside of lab.
Happy Hour: Every Friday at 5:30 pm from May through August, GCC sponsors Happy Hour in front of FFSC (or in the atrium in the event of bad weather). GCC provides a good selection of beverages (beers and sodas) and light snacks to help you unwind from your busy week and socialize with your fellow chemists. It is a great release after a week of work, featuring lots of smiles and relaxation.
Durham Bulls Baseball Game: While there are no professional sporting teams in Durham, there is always the beloved Durham Bulls. Each August, GCC invites members of the Chemistry Department to kick off each fall semester with a Bulls game and food in a reserved party deck.
Duke Basketball Campout: All graduate students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Duke tradition of camping out for basketball tickets. For one weekend early in the fall semester all interested graduate and professional students at Duke gather in a gigantic field on campus with the hopes of winning an opportunity to purchase season basketball tickets to watch one of the best teams in the country. Campers who make it to all of the random checks throughout the weekend are entered into a ticket lottery. GCC does its best to make the camping experience as enjoyable as possible for the chemistry grad students by providing food Friday night.
Halloween Party: It’s never too early to begin thinking of the best costume for the annual Chemistry Halloween Party. Each year new costume categories are announced and the competition is fierce for the great prizes GCC awards.
Holiday Party: GCC hosts a departmental party just before everyone travels home for the winter holidays. Join us for food and festivities!
Recruitment Weekend: During spring semester GCC hosts potential graduate students who have received an offer of admission to the Duke Chemistry Ph.D. program. Visitation weekend is is an educational and exciting time when current and prospective grad student have the opportunity to meet, talk about the department's research opportunities, and show off Duke and Durham's unique culture and community. If you'd like to volunteer to help with recruitment events, get in touch with the GCC committee.
Other activities: There's also tons of other things going on in the department if you just ask around!


Some footage of our IM soccer team courtesy of Gatorade: link link