Faculty Profiles

Volker Blum
Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science



Ph.D., Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) 2001

Blum, V, Hammer, L, Schmidt, C, Meier, W, Wieckhorst, O, Muller, S, and Heinz, K. "Segregation in strongly ordering compounds: A key role of constitutional defects." PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 89.26 (December 23, 2002). Full Text

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Blum, V, Hammer, L, Heinz, K, Franchini, C, Redinger, J, Swamy, K, Deisl, C, and Bertel, E. "Structure of the c(2x2)-Br/Pt(110) surface." PHYSICAL REVIEW B 65.16 (April 15, 2002). Full Text

Blum, V, Hammer, L, Heinz, K, Franchini, C, Redinger, J, Swamy, K, Deisl, C, and Bertel, E. "Structure of the c(2×2)-Br/Pt(110) surface." Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 65.16 (2002): 1654081-16540813.

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