Faculty Profiles

Volker Blum



Ph.D., Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) 2001

Berger, D, Logsdail, AJ, Oberhofer, H, Farrow, MR, Catlow, CRA, Sherwood, P, Sokol, AA, Blum, V, and Reuter, K. "Embedded-cluster calculations in a numeric atomic orbital density-functional theory framework." The Journal of Chemical Physics 141.2 (July 2014): 024105-null. Full Text

Schaefer, B, Pal, R, Khetrapal, NS, Amsler, M, Sadeghi, A, Blum, V, Zeng, XC, Goedecker, S, and Wang, L-S. "Isomerism and structural fluxionality in the Au26 and Au26(-) nanoclusters." Acs Nano 8.7 (July 2014): 7413-7422. Full Text

Marek, A, Blum, V, Johanni, R, Havu, V, Lang, B, Auckenthaler, T, Heinecke, A, Bungartz, H-J, and Lederer, H. "The ELPA library: scalable parallel eigenvalue solutions for electronic structure theory and computational science." Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter : an Institute of Physics Journal 26.21 (May 2, 2014): 213201-null. (Review) Full Text

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Zhang, IY, Ren, X, Rinke, P, Blum, V, and Scheffler, M. "Numeric atom-centered-orbital basis sets with valence-correlation consistency from H to Ar." New Journal of Physics 15.12 (December 1, 2013): 123033-123033. Full Text

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