Faculty Profiles

Thomas Theis
Assistant Research Professor of Chemistry
2315 French Science Center, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-2568



Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley 2012

Research Areas:

Theis, T, Ganssle, P, Kervern, G, Knappe, S, Kitching, J, Ledbetter, MP, Budker, D, and Pines, A. "Parahydrogen-enhanced zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance." Nature Physics 7.7 (May 1, 2011): 571-575. Full Text

Buback, M, Hesse, P, Junkers, T, Sergeeva, T, and Theis, T. "PLP Labeling in ESR Spectroscopic Analysis of Secondary and Tertiary Acrylate Propagating Radicals." Macromolecules 41.2 (January 2008): 288-291. Full Text

Buback, M, Hesse, P, Junkers, T, Theis, T, and Vana, P. "Chain-Length-Dependent Termination in Acrylate Radical Polymerization Studied via Pulsed-Laser-Initiated RAFT Polymerization." Australian Journal of Chemistry 60.10 (2007): 779-779. Full Text

Wang, Q, Shen, K, Logan, AWJ, Colell, JFP, Bae, J, Ortiz Jr., GX, Theis, T, Warren, WS, and Malcolmson, SJ. "Diazirines as Potential Molecular Imaging Tags: Probing the Requirements for Efficient and Long-Lived SABRE-Induced Hyperpolarization (Published online)." Angewandte Chemie. Full Text