Faculty Profiles

Stefano Curtarolo
Professor in the Department of Chemistry
144 Hudson Hall, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5310



Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2003

M.S., Pennsylvania State University 1999

M.S., University of Padua (Italy) 1995

Usanmaz, D, Nath, P, Plata, JJ, Hart, GLW, Takeuchi, I, Nardelli, MB, Fornari, M, and Curtarolo, S. "First principles thermodynamical modeling of the binodal and spinodal curves in lead chalcogenides." Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP 18.6 (February 2016): 5005-5011. Full Text

Agapito, LA, Ismail-Beigi, S, Curtarolo, S, Fornari, M, and Nardelli, MB. "Accurate tight-binding Hamiltonian matrices from ab initio calculations: Minimal basis sets." Physical Review B 93.3 (January 2016). Full Text

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Gopal, P, Fornari, M, Curtarolo, S, Agapito, LA, Liyanage, LSI, and Nardelli, MB. "Improved predictions of the physical properties of Zn- and Cd-based wide band-gap semiconductors: A validation of the ACBN0 functional." Physical Review B 91.24 (June 2015). Full Text

Mehl, MJ, Finkenstadt, D, Dane, C, Hart, GLW, and Curtarolo, S. "Finding the stable structures of with an ab initio high-throughput approach." Physical Review B 91.18 (May 2015). Full Text

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