Faculty Profiles

Stefan Zauscher
Sternberg Family Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Office: CIEMAS 3385, Mail: 144 Hudson Hall, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5360
(919) 660-8963



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison 1999

M.S., Oregon State University 1992

Barthel, J, Konkar, S, Sankin, G, Darling, E, Guilak, F, Zhong, P, LaMattina, B, and Zauscher, S. "Effect of shockwaves on the biomechanical and biochemical function of cells." Society for Experimental Mechanics - 11th International Congress and Exhibition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics 2008 3 (2008): 1315-1319.

Garcia, A, Hucknall, A, Johannes, M, Clark, R, Chilkoti, A, and Zauscher, S. "POLY 627-Fabrication of bioconjugated and hybrid polymeric nanostructures by field-induced scanning probe lithography." ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 234 (August 19, 2007).

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Chang, DP, Dolbow, JE, and Zauscher, S. "Switchable friction of stimulus-responsive hydrogels." Langmuir 23.1 (January 2, 2007): 250-257. Full Text

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