Faculty Profiles

Peng Zhang
Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry
5313 French Science Center, Durham, NC 27705
(919) 660-1675
(919) 660-1605



Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics, Harvard University 2005 - 2011

Ph.D., Emory University 2005

M.S., Peking University (China) 1999

B.S., Zhengzhou University (China) 1996

Research Areas:
Theoretical, Physical

Zhang, P, Morokuma, K, and Wodtke, AM. "High-level ab initio studies of unimolecular dissociation of the ground-state N3 radical." The Journal of Chemical Physics 122.1 (January 2005): 014106-014106. Full Text

Popovic, S, Midey, AJ, Williams, S, Fernandez, AI, Viggiano, AA, Zhang, P, and Morokuma, K. "Ion-molecule rate constants and branching ratios for the reaction of N3++O2 from 120 to 1400 K." The Journal of Chemical Physics 121.19 (November 15, 2004): 9481-9488. Full Text

Babikov, D, Zhang, P, and Morokuma, K. "Cyclic-N3. I. An accurate potential energy surface for the ground doublet electronic state up to the energy of the 2A2/2B1 conical intersection." The Journal of Chemical Physics 121.14 (October 8, 2004): 6743-6749. Full Text

Zhang, P, Irle, S, Morokuma, K, and Tschumper, GS. "Ab initio theoretical studies of potential energy surfaces in the photodissociation of the vinyl radical. I. Ã state dissociation." The Journal of Chemical Physics 119.13 (October 2003): 6524-6538. Full Text

Zhang, P, and Morokuma, K. "Ab initio molecular orbital study of the weak transition of the vinyl radical." Chemical Physics Letters 367.3-4 (January 2003): 482-488. Full Text