Faculty Profiles

Pei Zhou
Professor of Biochemistry
270 Sands Building, Research Drive, Durham, NC 27710
(919) 668-6409
(919) 684-8885



Post Doct Fellow, Biological Chemistry, Harvard University 1998 - 2001

Ph.D., Harvard University 1998

Zhou, P, Lugovskoy, AA, and Wagner, G. "A solubility-enhancement tag (SET) for NMR studies of poorly behaving proteins." J Biomol NMR 20.1 (May 2001): 11-14.

Lugovskoy, AA, Zhou, P, Chou, JJ, McCarty, JS, Li, P, and Wagner, G. "Solution structure of the CIDE-N domain of CIDE-B and a model for CIDE-N/CIDE-N interactions in the DNA fragmentation pathway of apoptosis." Cell 99.7 (December 23, 1999): 747-755.

Zhou, P, Chou, J, Olea, RS, Yuan, J, and Wagner, G. "Solution structure of Apaf-1 CARD and its interaction with caspase-9 CARD: a structural basis for specific adaptor/caspase interaction." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 96.20 (September 28, 1999): 11265-11270.

Zhou, P, Sun, LJ, Dötsch, V, Wagner, G, and Verdine, GL. "Solution structure of the core NFATC1/DNA complex." Cell 92.5 (March 6, 1998): 687-696.

Wolfe, SA, Zhou, P, Dötsch, V, Chen, L, You, A, Ho, SN, Crabtree, GR, Wagner, G, and Verdine, GL. "Unusual Rel-like architecture in the DNA-binding domain of the transcription factor NFATc." Nature 385.6612 (January 9, 1997): 172-176. Full Text