Faculty Profiles

Michael Rubinstein
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Box 90300, 3377 CIEMAS, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5365



Ph.D., Harvard University 1983

Ge, T, Grest, GS, and Rubinstein, M. "Nanorheology of Entangled Polymer Melts." Physical Review Letters 120.5 (February 1, 2018). Full Text

Simon, JR, Carroll, NJ, Rubinstein, M, Chilkoti, A, and López, GP. "Programming molecular self-assembly of intrinsically disordered proteins containing sequences of low complexity." Nature chemistry 9.6 (June 2017): 509-515. Full Text

Gonzalez, MA, Simon, JR, Ghoorchian, A, Scholl, Z, Lin, S, Rubinstein, M, Marszalek, P, Chilkoti, A, López, GP, and Zhao, X. "Strong, Tough, Stretchable, and Self-Adhesive Hydrogels from Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins." Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 29.10 (March 2017). Full Text

Hassouneh, W, Zhulina, EB, Chilkoti, A, and Rubinstein, M. "Elastin-like Polypeptide Diblock Copolymers Self-Assemble into Weak Micelles." Macromolecules 48.12 (June 11, 2015): 4183-4195. Full Text

Sun, FC, Dobrynin, AV, Shirvanyants, D, Lee, H-I, Matyjaszewski, K, Rubinstein, GJ, Rubinstein, M, and Sheiko, SS. "Flory theorem for structurally asymmetric mixtures." Physical review letters 99.13 (September 24, 2007): 137801-. Full Text