Faculty Profiles

Michael J. Therien
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
5330 French Family Science Cen, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-1670
(919) 660-1605



Nih Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chemistry, California Institute of Technology 1987 - 1990

Ph.D., University of California at San Diego 1987

B.S., University of St. Andrews (Scotland) 1982

Research Areas:
Synthesis, Physical, Biomolecular Structure and Function, Inorganic, Organic, Nanoscience and Materials

Robbins, GP, Lee, D, Katz, JS, Frail, PR, Therien, MJ, Crocker, JC, and Hammer, DA. "Effects of Membrane Rheology on Leuko-polymersome Adhesion to Inflammatory Ligands." Soft Matter 7.2 (January 1, 2011): 769-779. Full Text

Conklin, D, Park, T-H, Nanayakkara, S, Therien, MJ, and Bonnell, DA. "Controlling polarization dependent reactions to fabricate multi-component functional nanostructures." Advanced Functional Materials 21.24 (2011): 4712-4718. Full Text

Chi, S-H, Rosenberg, A, Nayak, A, Duncan, TV, Therien, MJ, Butler, JJ, Montgomery, SR, Beadie, G, Pong, RGS, Shirk, JS, and Flom, SR. "Near IR nonlinear absorption of an organic supermolecule [Invited]." Optical Materials Express 1.7 (2011): 1383-1392. Full Text

Kang, YK, Iovine, PM, and Therien, MJ. "Electron transfer reactions of rigid, cofacially compressed, π-stacked porphyrin-bridge-quinone systems." Coordination Chemistry Reviews 255.7-8 (2011): 804-824. Full Text

Korendovych, IV, Senes, A, Kim, YH, Lear, JD, Fry, HC, Therien, MJ, Blasie, JK, Walker, FA, and Degrado, WF. "De novo design and molecular assembly of a transmembrane diporphyrin-binding protein complex." J Am Chem Soc 132.44 (November 10, 2010): 15516-15518. Full Text Open Access Copy

Deria, P, Sinks, LE, Park, T-H, Tomezsko, DM, Brukman, MJ, Bonnell, DA, and Therien, MJ. "Phase transfer catalysts drive diverse organic solvent solubility of single-walled carbon nanotubes helically wrapped by ionic, semiconducting polymers." Nano Lett 10.10 (October 13, 2010): 4192-4199. Full Text Open Access Copy

Singh-Rachford, TN, Nayak, A, Muro-Small, ML, Goeb, S, Therien, MJ, and Castellano, FN. "Supermolecular-chromophore-sensitized near-infrared-to-visible photon upconversion." J Am Chem Soc 132.40 (October 13, 2010): 14203-14211. Full Text Open Access Copy

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Robbins, GP, Saunders, RL, Haun, JB, Rawson, J, Therien, MJ, and Hammer, DA. "Tunable Leuko-polymersomes That Adhere Specifically to Inflammatory Markers." LANGMUIR 26.17 (September 7, 2010): 14089-14096. Full Text Open Access Copy