Faculty Profiles

Jie Liu
George Barth Geller Professor of Chemistry in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
2105 French Science Center, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-1549
(919) 660-1605



Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department Of Chemistry, Rice University 1996 - 1999

Ph.D., Harvard University 1996

M.S., Shandong University (China) 1990

B.S., Shandong University (China) 1987

Research Areas:
Inorganic, Nanoscience and Materials

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Zhang, T, Li, J-T, Liu, J, Deng, Y-P, Wu, Z-G, Yin, Z-W, Wu, J-H, Huang, L, and Sun, S-G. "Improving the Electrochemical Performance of Li 1.14 Ni 0.18 Mn 0.62 O 2 by Modulating Structure Defects via a Molten Salt Method." Chemelectrochem 3.1 (January 2016): 98-104. Full Text

Ma, L, Chen, T, Zhu, G, Hu, Y, Lu, H, Chen, R, Liang, J, Tie, Z, Jin, Z, and Liu, J. "Pitaya-like microspheres derived from Prussian blue analogues as ultralong-life anodes for lithium storage." Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4.39 (2016): 15041-15048. Full Text

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