Faculty Profiles

Jennifer Roizen
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
1104 French Science Center, Durham, NC 27701
(919) 660-9438
(919) 660-1605



Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry, Stanford University 2010 - 2013

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology 2009

B.A., Williams College 2003

Research Areas:
Synthesis, Inorganic, Organic

Shehata, MF, Ayer, SK, and Roizen, JL. "Iron(MCP) Complexes Catalyze Aziridination with Olefins As Limiting Reagents." The Journal of Organic Chemistry 83.9 (May 2018): 5072-5081. Full Text

Short, MA, Blackburn, JM, and Roizen, JL. "Sulfamate Esters Guide Selective Radical-Mediated Chlorination of Aliphatic C-H Bonds." Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English) 57.1 (January 2018): 296-299. Full Text

Roizen, JL, Jones, AC, Smith, RC, Virgil, SC, and Stoltz, BM. "Model Studies To Access the [6,7,5,5]-Core of Ineleganolide Using Tandem Translactonization-Cope or Cyclopropanation-Cope Rearrangements as Key Steps." The Journal of organic chemistry 82.24 (December 2017): 13051-13067. Full Text

Blackburn, JM, Short, MA, Castanheiro, T, Ayer, SK, Muellers, TD, and Roizen, JL. "Synthesis of N-Substituted Sulfamate Esters from Sulfamic Acid Salts by Activation with Triphenylphosphine Ditriflate." Organic Letters 19.21 (November 2017): 6012-6015. Full Text

Laulhé, S, Blackburn, JM, and Roizen, JL. "Exhaustive Suzuki-Miyaura reactions of polyhalogenated heteroarenes with alkyl boronic pinacol esters." Chemical Communications (Cambridge, England) 53.53 (June 2017): 7270-7273. Full Text

Craig, RA, Roizen, JL, Smith, RC, Jones, AC, Virgil, SC, and Stoltz, BM. "Enantioselective, Convergent Synthesis of the Ineleganolide Core by a Tandem Annulation Cascade." Chemical Science 8.1 (January 2017): 507-514. Full Text

Laulhé, S, Blackburn, JM, and Roizen, JL. "Selective and Serial Suzuki-Miyaura Reactions of Polychlorinated Aromatics with Alkyl Pinacol Boronic Esters." Organic letters 18.17 (September 2016): 4440-4443. Full Text

Bess, EN, DeLuca, RJ, Tindall, DJ, Oderinde, MS, Roizen, JL, Du Bois, J, and Sigman, MS. "Analyzing site selectivity in Rh2(esp)2-catalyzed intermolecular C-H amination reactions." Journal of the American Chemical Society 136.15 (April 8, 2014): 5783-5789. Full Text Open Access Copy

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Cox, CT, Nam, S, Koenig, J, Ortega, C, Roizen, JL, and Du Bois, J. "Bridging the gap between research and teaching: A C-H insertion project." September 8, 2013.