Faculty Profiles

Hashim Al-Hashimi
James B. Duke Professor of Biochemistry



Ph.D., Yale University 2000

Shakya, A, Al-Hashimi, HM, and Banaszak Holl, MM. "Three RNA Microenvironments Detected in Fluxional Gene Delivery Polyplex Nanoassemblies." ACS Macro Letters 5.10 (October 18, 2016): 1104-1108. Full Text

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Merriman, DK, Xue, Y, Yang, S, Kimsey, IJ, Shakya, A, Clay, M, and Al-Hashimi, HM. "Shortening the HIV-1 TAR RNA Bulge by a Single Nucleotide Preserves Motional Modes over a Broad Range of Time Scales." Biochemistry 55.32 (August 2016): 4445-4456. Full Text

Xue, Y, Gracia, B, Herschlag, D, Russell, R, and Al-Hashimi, HM. "Visualizing the formation of an RNA folding intermediate through a fast highly modular secondary structure switch." Nature communications 7 (June 13, 2016): ncomms11768-. Full Text

Andrałojć, W, Ravera, E, Salmon, L, Parigi, G, Al-Hashimi, HM, and Luchinat, C. "Inter-helical conformational preferences of HIV-1 TAR-RNA from maximum occurrence analysis of NMR data and molecular dynamics simulations." Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP 18.8 (February 2016): 5743-5752. Full Text

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