Faculty Profiles

Gaurav Arya
Associate Professor of Chemistry
144 Hudson Hall, Box 90300, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5435



Assistant Research Scientist, New York University 2005 - 2007

Postdoc, Princeton University 2003 - 2005

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame 2003

B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology (India) 1998

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Kilic, S, Felekyan, S, Doroshenko, O, Boichenko, I, Dimura, M, Vardanyan, H, Bryan, LC, Arya, G, Seidel, CAM, and Fierz, B. "Single-molecule FRET reveals multiscale chromatin dynamics modulated by HP1α." Nature communications 9.1 (January 16, 2018): 235-. Full Text

Root, SE, Jackson, NE, Savagatrup, S, Arya, G, and Lipomi, DJ. "Modelling the morphology and thermomechanical behaviour of low-bandgap conjugated polymers and bulk heterojunction films." Energy & Environmental Science 10.2 (2017): 558-569. Full Text

Root, SE, Savagatrup, S, Pais, CJ, Arya, G, and Lipomi, DJ. "Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Organic Semiconductors Using Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations." Macromolecules 49.7 (April 12, 2016): 2886-2894. Full Text

Zaretski, AV, Root, SE, Savchenko, A, Molokanova, E, Printz, AD, Jibril, L, Arya, G, Mercola, M, and Lipomi, DJ. "Metallic Nanoislands on Graphene as Highly Sensitive Transducers of Mechanical, Biological, and Optical Signals." Nano letters 16.2 (February 2016): 1375-1380. Full Text Open Access Copy


Oswald, J, Arya, G, Cui, Z, and Brinson, LC. "Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Coarse Grain Simulation of High Strain-Rate Elastomeric Polymers (HSREP): Molecular and Coarse-Grained Methods for Microstructure-Property Relations in HSREP." Elastomeric Polymers with High Rate Sensitivity: Applications in Blast, Shockwave, and Penetration Mechanics. June 25, 2015. 216-232. Full Text