Faculty Profiles

Ashutosh Chilkoti
Alan L. Kaganov Professor of Biomedical Engineering
CIEMAS 3381, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-5373
+1 919 660 5409



Ph.D., University of Washington 1991

Sinclair, SM, Bhattacharyya, J, McDaniel, JR, Gooden, DM, Gopalaswamy, R, Chilkoti, A, and Setton, LA. "A genetically engineered thermally responsive sustained release curcumin depot to treat neuroinflammation." J Control Release 171.1 (October 10, 2013): 38-47. Full Text Open Access Copy

McDaniel, JR, Dewhirst, MW, and Chilkoti, A. "Actively targeting solid tumours with thermoresponsive drug delivery systems that respond to mild hyperthermia." Int J Hyperthermia 29.6 (September 2013): 501-510. (Review) Full Text

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McDaniel, JR, Radford, DC, and Chilkoti, A. "A unified model for de novo design of elastin-like polypeptides with tunable inverse transition temperatures." Biomacromolecules 14.8 (August 12, 2013): 2866-2872. Full Text

Qi, Y, Amiram, M, Gao, W, McCafferty, DG, and Chilkoti, A. "Sortase-catalyzed initiator attachment enables high yield growth of a stealth polymer from the C terminus of a protein." Macromol Rapid Commun 34.15 (August 2013): 1256-1260. Full Text

Kurzbach, D, Hassouneh, W, McDaniel, JR, Jaumann, EA, Chilkoti, A, and Hinderberger, D. "Hydration layer coupling and cooperativity in phase behavior of stimulus responsive peptide polymers." J Am Chem Soc 135.30 (July 31, 2013): 11299-11308. Full Text

Hassouneh, W, Nunalee, ML, Shelton, MC, and Chilkoti, A. "Calcium binding peptide motifs from calmodulin confer divalent ion selectivity to elastin-like polypeptides." Biomacromolecules 14.7 (July 8, 2013): 2347-2353. Full Text

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