Faculty Profiles

Al L. Crumbliss
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
2104 French Family Science Center, Box 90346, Durham, NC 27708-0354
(919) 660-1540



Ph.D., Northwestern University 1968

B.A., Knox College 1964

Research Areas:
Biomolecular Structure and Function, Biological, Inorganic

Tristani, EM, Wirgau, JI, Dubay, GR, Sibert, JW, and Crumbliss, AL. "Siderophore-redox active ionophore host-guest assemblies: A prototype for selective metal ion compartmentalization." Inorganica Chimica Acta 363.13 (2010): 3611-3615. Full Text

Harrington, JM, and Crumbliss, AL. "The redox hypothesis in siderophore-mediated iron uptake." Biometals 22.4 (August 2009): 679-689. Full Text

Crumbliss, AL, and Harrington, JM. "Iron sequestration by small molecules: Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of natural siderophores and synthetic model compounds." Advances in Inorganic Chemistry 61 (July 8, 2009): 179-250. (Review) Full Text

Siburt, CJP, Roulhac, PL, Weaver, KD, Noto, JM, Mietzner, TA, Cornelissen, CN, Fitzgerald, MC, and Crumbliss, AL. "Hijacking transferrin bound iron: protein-receptor interactions involved in iron transport in N. gonorrhoeae." Metallomics 1.3 (2009): 249-255. Full Text

Weaver, KD, Heymann, JJ, Mehta, A, Roulhac, PL, Anderson, DS, Nowalk, AJ, Adhikari, P, Mietzner, TA, Fitzgerald, MC, and Crumbliss, AL. "Ga3+ as a mechanistic probe in Fe3+ transport: characterization of Ga3+ interaction with FbpA." Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry : Jbic : a Publication of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 13.6 (August 2008): 887-898. Full Text

Flaherty, MM, Rish, KR, Smith, A, and Crumbliss, AL. "An investigation of hemopexin redox properties by spectroelectrochemistry: biological relevance for heme uptake." Biometals 21.3 (June 2008): 239-248. Full Text

Roulhac, PL, Weaver, KD, Adhikari, P, Anderson, DS, DeArmond, PD, Mietzner, TA, Crumbliss, AL, and Fitzgerald, MC. "Ex vivo analysis of synergistic anion binding to FbpA in Gram-negative bacteria." Biochemistry 47.14 (April 8, 2008): 4298-4305. Full Text