Faculty Profiles

Agostino Migliore
Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry
(919) 660-1605



Postdoctoral Fellow, School Of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University (Israel) 2009 - 2012

Postdoctoral Researcher, Center For Molecular Modeling, University of Pennsylvania 2007 - 2009

Ph.D., Università Degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy) 2007

Research Areas:

White, AJ, Migliore, A, Galperin, M, and Nitzan, A. "Quantum transport with two interacting conduction channels." The Journal of Chemical Physics 138.17 (May 7, 2013): 174111-174111. Full Text

Migliore, A, and Nitzan, A. "On the evaluation of the Marcus–Hush–Chidsey integral." Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 671 (April 2012): 99-101. Full Text

Migliore, A, Schiff, P, and Nitzan, A. "On the relationship between molecular state and single electron pictures in simple electrochemical junctions." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14.40 (2012): 13746-13746. Full Text

Migliore, A, and Nitzan, A. "Nonlinear Charge Transport in Redox Molecular Junctions: A Marcus Perspective." ACS Nano 5.8 (August 23, 2011): 6669-6685. Full Text

Sit, PHL, Migliore, A, Klein, ML, and Marzari, N. "Quantitative Description of Electron Transfer Reactions." (October 15, 2010): 457-487. (Chapter) Full Text

Sit, PH-L, Migliore, A, Ho, M-H, and Klein, ML. "Quantum Mechanical and Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Studies of the Iron−Dioxygen Intermediates and Proton Transfer in Superoxide Reductase." Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 6.9 (September 14, 2010): 2896-2909. Full Text

Vázquez-Mayagoitia, A, Huertas, O, Brancolini, G, Migliore, A, Sumpter, BG, Orozco, M, Luque, FJ, Di Felice, R, and Fuentes-Cabrera, M. "Ab initio Study of the Structural, Tautomeric, Pairing, and Electronic Properties of Seleno-Derivatives of Thymine." The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113.43 (October 29, 2009): 14465-14472. Full Text

Migliore, A, Corni, S, Varsano, D, Klein, ML, and Di Felice, R. "First Principles Effective Electronic Couplings for Hole Transfer in Natural and Size-Expanded DNA." The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113.28 (July 16, 2009): 9402-9415. Full Text