New directions in Ni-catalyzed cross coupling
Professor Abigail G. Doyle (Princeton University, Department of Chemistry)
Host: Professor Steve Malcolmson
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 11:40am to 1:10pm
Location: French Family Science Center 2237
Rosenthal, Janet

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Abstract:  Transition metal-catalyzed cross coupling has revolutionized the way that chemists assemble carbon– carbon (C–C) bonds, including C(sp3 )–C bonds. These reactions typically involve Ni-catalyzed bond formation between alkyl halides and organometallic reagents. Our laboratory is interested in developing new activation mechanisms such that (1) more abundant and stable functional groups can be used for alkyl cross coupling and (2) the field can deliver more heteroatom- and stereochemically-rich products of value to practitioners of organic synthesis. This lecture will describe some of our recent progress in this area, including concurrent studies to improve the operational convenience and scope of Ni catalysis via the identification of new Ni pre-catalysts and ligands.